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What Primary Teachers Said About My Presentation: “What Hatches From An Egg?” (Ledgeview Elementary School, Clarence, NY- Spring 2008)
  • “It was wonderful to see Norma in action, since we read and sing all of her books. Now we can all put a face to her many talents. Loved the theme, “If you care, you’ll leave them there” for her Earth Day presentation. Very Kindergarten appropriate!” (Maria Gugliuzza, kindergarten teacher)
  • “I loved the presentation very much and so did my students. Keeping 100 first graders engaged for that length of time is no simple task, and she did it beautifully!” (Megan Ward, first grade teacher)
  • “Excellent control of the students! You can tell that she has worked with young children. Great visuals and devices were used to keep the children focused and interested.” (Janet Glor, second grade teacher)


What Librarians Are Saying About My Conference Presentation (SLAWNY- School Librarians’ Assoc. of WNY- “Spring Sharing”-2008)
  • Norma covered every aspect of a school’s curriculum and connections to the library.
  • I appreciated the concrete examples of how each book could be used.
  • Norma was a great speaker! She was motivated and kept everyone engaged.
  • I loved the Bear Facts writing activity! I will do it with the kindergarten researchers at my school.


What Kids Are Saying About My Author Presentations (John Pound Elementary – 5th Graders, Lockport, NY)
  • “I learned that making music is harder than it looks. I also learned that published books take longer to make than they say.”
  • “I learned that you can make a song anywhere and anytime. I also learned that no matter what grade you’re in, you can make books. Your presentation inspired at least the 1st graders, kindergartners and 2nd graders.”
  • “We learned that if you put a “c” with a circle around it, nobody can steal your ideas. That is called a copyright. Another thing I learned was that you have to make sure your facts are straight before you write a book.”
  • “Thank you for bringing your books in to show us and also teaching us how to write a singing story.”
  • “I really enjoyed it when you jumped like a frog, so do it often. It gets the kids’ attention.”
  • “I learned that books that look like first grade books can be educational. I would like to find one of your books and read it.”
  • “You were amazing! It’s hard to believe you really wrote those songs.”