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Classroom teachers can choose from 2-3 of the following hands-on activities. These sessions are limited to no more than 25 students and last approximately 30 minutes.

Dig A Dinosaur

  • Dramatize the song with puppetry and props
  • Using the sense of touch to distinguish between a meat- eater and plant-eater tooth in a cloth bag
  • Estimating and trace children’s’ footprints within a T-Rex footprint
  • Create a setting through paper sculpture, place paper dinosaur footprints and act out scene


  • Dramatize the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty
  • Rotate through stations where students experiment with the force of gravity
  • Create innovations on the text with accompanying illustrations looking at the “_all” word family

Munch, Munch, Munch

  • Dramatize the songbook with costume and props
  • Hand movements to enhance lyrics
  • Make observations of butterfly and moth specimens

Frog on a Log

  • I will present myself in a frog costume, and use a puppet to illustrate the life cycle of a frog
  • Children are introduced to the finger spelling of the rhyming pairs in the song book (for example Frog-log, leg-egg, swim-rim)