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Ways that “Kids Can” Make a Difference

I will be sharing ways that “Kids Can” make a difference through my various “Songbooks of Science.” The first title I’ll be featuring is Endangered. It was inspired by a trip I had taken off the coast of Cape Cod. The scientists onboard the International Wildlife Coalition vessel were examining the affect humans have on humpback whales. The songbook looks at other animal species that need our help. I will be posting some of the pages of the book, as well as pages that offer suggestions of what “Kids Can” do starting at home.

If you go to my home page @ normagentner.com, choose Books in the menu bar. Pull down to Catalog. Go to Endangered  and click on the “chain link” on the book. It will take you to a screen that describes the book. You can also click on the orange Sound Cloud button to hear part of this original song.

If you would like to purchase this songbook and CD, just send an email through my Contact. They are $15 per set, plus $3.99 for shipping and handling.


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