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“Winter’s Gift” – Level D

Being a permanent resident of Buffalo, snow is a given. When I started thinking about the positive impact of snow on our region, it truly is a gift! Your children will discover how burrowing animals; plant roots, streambeds and children welcome Winter’s Gift while learning about crystals and symmetry. I’ve determined the Fountas & Pinnell Reading Level for this title to be Level D based on the characteristics I’ve noted below. It would be most appropriate for ages 4 – 7 and beginning first grade readers. (Of course, PreK through second graders love this book!)

2 sentences per page

4 lines of text per page

repetition throughout

some longer sentences (more than 6 words)

some sentences turn over to the next line (return sweep)

I have identified the various teaching points when using “Winter’s Gift” during your Shared Reading lessons below. *Please note my Blog dated October 25th at normagentner.com as to how to plan out your week with one of my Songbooks of Science!

VOCABULARY: drifting, crystals, symmetry, halves, creatures, covers,    sprout


s – snowflakes, crystals, looks, sides, keeps, winds, creatures, covers, plants ing – drifting

CONTRACTION: It’s, crystal’s

ADJECTIVES: white snow, clear crystals, six sides, cold winds

POSSESSIVE: Winter’s Gift


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