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“B-B-B-Bats” – Level G

“B-B-B-Bats” is a great way to connect curriculum as children learn about the interdependency of bats in their unique habitats, while acquiring new reading skills! The repeated hook and rhyming of this songbook’s lyrics are an invitation to join in the adventure! I’ve determined the Fountas & Pinnell Reading Level for this title to be Level G based on the characteristics I’ve noted below. It would be most appropriate for ages 6 – 7 and first grade readers. (Of course, PreK through first graders love this book!)

• 2 sentences per page

• 6 lines of text per page

• Some longer texts with repeating longer and more complex patterns

• Some texts with settings that are not typical of many children’s experience

• Some content-specific words introduced, explained and illustrated in the text

• Repetition throughout

• Rhyming structure

I have identified the various teaching points when using “B-B-B-Bats” during your Shared Reading lessons below. *Please note my Blog dated October 25th at normagentner.com as to how to plan out your week with one of my Songbooks of Science!

VOCABULARY: mammals, flight, nocturnal, creatures, dart, vary, sight, sour, snug


s- bats, mammals, creatures, fears, sounds, bugs, grows

ies- sky—skies


PUNCTUATION: B-b-b-bats (dash or hyphen), ! , ?

ADJECTIVES: nocturnal, new, special, long, sweet, sour

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