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“Frog on a Log” – Levels C to D

“Frog on a Log” is my first song book to be created in digital format as an iBook and an Album for iTunes. The classroom teacher now has the opportunity to share it on any Apple device (iPad or MacBook) as well as in student and Big Book forms. Children are introduced to spelling and strengthen their skill of rhyming while learning about the life cycle of a frog.  I feel the Fountas & Pinnell Reading Level for this title to span the range of Levels C and D based on the characteristics I’ve noted below. It would be most appropriate for ages 4 – 7, targeting the end of kindergarten and beginning first grade readers.

• Some longer sentences (some with more than six words)

• Some sentences turn over to the next line

• 2 – 4 lines of text per page

• Repetition throughout

• Rhyming structure

• Some bolded words

I have identified the various teaching points when using “Frog on a Log” during your Shared Reading lessons below. *Please note my Blog dated October 25th at normagentner.com as to how to plan out your week with one of my Songbooks of Science!

VOCABULARY: spells, search, pond, rim, hind, tail/tale, tune


s- spells, legs

CONTRACTIONS: don’t, I’m, that’s

PUNCTUATION: ’cause (apostrophe), F-R-O-G (hyphen or dash), !

ADJECTIVES: little, front, hind

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