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“Dig A Dinosaur”- Level G

I’m going to begin by sharing what I “think” the Fountas & Pinnell Reading Level is for one of many children’s favorite title, Dig A Dinosaur. Based on the characteristics I’ve noted below of Level G, this songbook would be most appropriate for ages 6 – 7 and first grade readers. (Of course, PreK through second graders love this book!)

• 2 sentences per page

• 4 lines of text per page

• repetition throughout

• rhyming structure

I have identified the various teaching points when using Dig A Dinosaur during your Shared Reading  lessons below. *Please note my Blog dated October 25th at normagentner.com as to how to plan out your week with one of my Songbooks of Science!

VOCABULARY: dinosaur, hundred, million, Tyrannosaurus, terrible, appetite,

Apatosaurus, thunder, meteors, earth


ed – ruled, weighed, sounded, walked, disappeared, blocked

s – years, eggs, stores, tons, plants, meteors, rocks

• CONTRACTION: they’re

• ADJECTIVES: forty million, terrible roar, thirty tons, big and strong, space rocks


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